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Our Jewelry

You want jewelry you can wear effortlessly every day, which does not limit your daily routines. Pamper yourself in jewelry that’s classically elegant, functional and beautiful. Wherever you go, you’ll show the world your sense of style and desires.

We are constantly looking for new ways to express our amber jewelry with forms and textures. Whether it’s a simple earring, the statement necklace or original style Baltic amber rings, I know you’ll find something here that helps you make an elegance every day.

Amber Laces are unprecedented, variable and always with such subtle craftsmanship and sophisticated details made of jewelry. Our design inspiration is deeply rooted in the beauty of nature, and you often find it good. Our works are focused on the natural world. We believe that amber has a soul, so it is necessary to treat it with respect. It’s not just a fairy tale but an art. Amber Lace’s signature is handmade – Baltic amber jewelry, as well as various styles in metal – silver, copper, brass – and other materials. Our philosophy is that amber is more than just jewelry. It combines nature and fashion. Today, our family business is guided by deep traditions, successful history and warming of your heart.

Baltic Amber

Amber is a fossilised tree resin dating back around 40-60 million years ago, from the Eocene era. The origin trees that oozed amber resin are long extinct, leaving behind an incredible history of natural beauty.

Since ancient times, Baltic amber has been treasured for its natural beauty, individuality and warm glow and Amber Laces is proud to be breathing new life into the designs and trends of amber jewelry.

Baltic amber stone