You want jewelry you can wear effortlessly every day, which does not limit your daily routines. Pamper yourself in jewelry that’s classically elegant, functional and beautiful. Wherever you go, you’ll show the world your sense of style and desires.
I am constantly looking for new ways to express our amber jewelry with forms and textures. Whether it’s a simple earrings, the statement necklace or original style Baltic amber rings, I know you’ll find something here that helps you make an elegance every day.
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Amber is natural resin which oozed its way out of a tree and eventually fossilized at any time from recent times back to many million years ago. Amber comes in many shades and colors, although the most common are cognac, honey, green, lemon yellow, ivory and cream/yellow. It is is lightweight and because it is an organic substance, each piece is unique.

Baltic amber (known as succinite) is a specific subset of amber that is found only in northern Europe: it accounts for some 80% of the known amber in the world. Between 35 and 50 million years ago, sap oozed out from a forest of conifers (probably either false larch or kauri) in the region now covered by the Baltic Sea, and eventually hardened into clear lumps. Shoved around northern Europe by glaciers and river channels, lumps of genuine Baltic amber can still be found today on the eastern coasts of England and Holland, throughout Poland, Scandinavia and northern Germany and much of western Russia and the Baltic states.  Baltic amber is uniquely known for its therapeutic qualities.

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Green with pencil skirt and yellow amber jewelry

Green and pencil skirt

It is very important for us, woman, to wear clothes that give us a shape and pencil skirt is one item that does it so well, especially if they are black. I am a massive fan of pencil skirt, I could wear them every day because they are comfortable and they give such nice shape! This particular outfit is perfect for a important meeting or a late lunch/dinner with your better half. Simple green top that is tucked in, jacket with a multi-color pattern, black handbag and wine red boots that will complete the look. You can always mix and

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Casual jeans outfit with Baltic amber pendant and earrings

Denim in this spring

Denim has always been in fashion, since the mid of 19th century so it is a long time, guys! I fell in love with this fabric when I was a little girl and still I love to wear these ripped denim jeans. I feel super free in them because they have high waist and I can wear basically everything with them. Jumper wise, shirt wise, accessory wise, like I said – everything. For this particular day I decided to go for this multi colored sweater, simple sneakers with light tone, denim bag with tassels and amber earrings and necklace which

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Copper snake bracelet

Customer reviews – Julia & her snake bracelet

Julia from Indiana, USA, ordered this copper snake bracelet and the feedback I received, was heartwarming! “I could not be happier with this purchase. Shipping was quick to US and the bracelet is so charming (I love that you have credited your father with its creation — for some reason that makes it just a little more special 🙂 I put this on instantly when I received it and have had many compliments on it. It’s unique and very comfortable to wear. Thanks so much!”

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Renaissance royal sweden castle in Vadstena

Vadstena Castle, Sweden

I visited Vadstena Castle during medieval festival, it was my first time in this grand castle. It is beautiful! Short history: Vadstena Castle was originally built by King Gustav I in 1545 as a fortress to protect  Stockholm from enemies approaching from the south. The fortress consisted of three smaller stone buildings facing Lake Vättern, three 31-meter wide ramparts, a courtyard, a moat and four circular cannon turrets. The original ramparts were torn down in the 19th century and the present ramparts were inaugurated in 1999. The stone buildings later formed the ground floor of the castle. On August 22, 1552, King Gustav I married

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