Introducing Heather Chapplain

Here at, we created handmade fashion pieces to take your wardrobe to the next level. Whether it be at your office desk in the morning or a fabulous night on the town we’ve got you covered. Each piece is handmade with you the customer in mind. From soft flowing fabrics to calmer and silk our kimonos let you have style and comfort all in one. Our denim is artistically designed with swarms crystals, freshwater pearls, vintage laces, and findings. Each piece created with care and quality to make every day a special day just for you.

Before Heather created she was a pretty happy person, however, there was still a little something missing.

Then one day after spending a few years trying her hand at different art mediums it hit her over the head. Why not create something that women could wear that would inspire them to become their own women and let out their inner wild?

Heather was concerned that there would not be a need for this, but then when she started testing the designs she discovered that distinctive Ladies of all ages loved them.

She had to create a line of gorgeous and dazzling art to wear pieces. A line to encourage Ladies to walk in their own strength and confidence. It turned out though that the road was going to be a bit bumpier then she had thought. Her sweet husband Bud was going to have a Stem Cell Transplant. During this time everything in life was put on hold. Once they started back on the road to good health she jumped back in with both feet and the new line “The BoHo Boutique Collection” was born!

  • /    handmade kimono’s with soft draping fabrics
  • /    exquisite kimonos made from silk and cashmere
  • /    upcycled stylish denim to help save our landfills
  • /    all designed and handmade by Heather

Heather offers 20% discount code for her shop friends! Do you want to be the one?


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