How to be stylish and stay warm – winter outfit

I always think that we, woman, should be proud of our bodies and our ego, in my opinion, this dress could be the one to make you feel strong and empowered! Just to look outstanding, I would put on a chunky amber necklace, bracelet a little purse to rock the day! 

Bodycon dress is always a daring step but I like to encourage myself to wear something more enthusiastic. This is the perfect dress because it is quite tight but at the same time it is not revealing too much because of the long sleeves and high neck. 

Wool Dress // Alexandrine Baltic Amber Necklace // Emma Amber Bracelet // Sparkling Clutch // Boots


Emma Amber Bracelet from Character Collection is one-of-a-kind luxuriously handcrafted jewelry piece that will be yours for ages. 

Alexandrine Baltic Amber Necklace – genuine Baltic amber stone collected to make this collar necklace. Don’t be afraid to wear bold jewelry!