Earthy tones – brown, yellow and black

Kimono dresses are back for good, what do you think? I have seen these so much lately and celebs love them too. This one is the perfect kimono dress because it has a belt and a pocket where you can place a napkin, pair of sunglasses or pack of chewing gums. Sleeves have the perfect length, just in case if you don`t feel confident showing your arms. I have to admit, I have been obsessed with the color of mustard lately. I love it so much that I am enjoying wearing this outfit for days, hehe! When I want to look even smarter, I add a pair of glasses, simple pumps, bag that matches the shoes and amber earrings with a necklace. I feel ready to meet my husband for a lunch date or meet my mum for a cappuccino!

Cotton-Blend Dress // Cat Eye Clear Lens Glasses //  Adela Baltic Amber Earrings and Pendant Set // Bucket Bag // Ballerina Flat Shoes