Denim in this spring

Casual jeans outfit with Baltic amber pendant and earrings

Denim has always been in fashion, since the mid of 19th century so it is a long time, guys! I fell in love with this fabric when I was a little girl and still I love to wear these ripped denim jeans. I feel super free in them because they have high waist and I can wear basically everything with them. Jumper wise, shirt wise, accessory wise, like I said – everything.

For this particular day I decided to go for this multi colored sweater, simple sneakers with light tone, denim bag with tassels and amber earrings and necklace which matches perfectly the yellow line on the sweater. Just in case if I feel too hot, I can easily take off the sweater and tie it around my waist to stand out even more.

And about the accessories – I really like that they are light, they look good with such outfit like this and I get loads of compliments when I’m wearing them.

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